Pictures from Kongsberg Jazz Festival

Pictures from a concert with Eyolf Dale’s Wolf Valley at Kongsberg Jazz Festival the 8th of July! Taken by Tommy Johansen


Wolf Valley nominated to Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy)

The Wolf Valley album, released last summer on Edition Records, is nominated to Spellemannprisen 2016 in the category of jazz! The award ceremony and award show is broadcasted live on NRK 1 TV Saturday the 28th of January. Fingers crossed!

Also worth mentioning is that of the tracks from the same album, “Ban Joe”, is the top streamed track in 2016 by Edition Records! This means that it’s played over 175.000 times on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc.

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Eyolf Dale: Wolf Valley (2016)
Eyolf Dale: Hometown Interludes (2013)
Eyolf Dale: Hotel Interludes (2011)
Albatrosh: Seagull Island (2009)
Albatrosh: Mystery Orchestra (2010)
Albatrosh: Yonkers (2011)
Albatrosh: Tree House (2013) only 4 left
Albatrosh: Night Owl (2014) CD/LP