solo piano

solo_300I’m spending a lot of time with my solo-project, and I usually improvise from my own ideas/compositions. Musically, I’m working towards a lyrical, playful and powerful expression. With improvisation in wide structures and an openness to ideas of the moment, every performance is different.

Eyolf Dale – piano/prepared piano


albatrosh_399This duo goes all the way back to 2001. Sax player André Roligheten and I were in the same class during High School, and managed to play a lot together in various ensembles. This developed into a duet, and from that point we started to build an expression together.

Our music is based on the improvised expression created, bound into our own compositions. The focus is placed in an acoustic setting, and we’re trying to explore the possibilities of this lineup – working with different roles, expressions and sounds. Albatrosh has received several major awards in Europe, and toured all over Norway, and played concerts all over Europe, as well as USA and Asia.

Eyolf Dale – piano

André Roligheten – tenor saxophone

eyolf dale’s wolf valley


An eight- piece orchestra that started with the recording of “Wolf Valley” in 2016.





Eyolf Dale – piano

Per Zanussi – bass

Gard Nilssen – drums

André Roligheten – sax/clarinet

Hayden Powell – trumpet

Kristoffer Kompen – trombone

Rob Waring – vibraphone

Adrian Løseth Waade – violin

hayden powell trio

hayden_300This trio plays music written mostly by trumpeter Hayden Powell. Our first gigs were at the Molde Jazz Festival in 2007 when Powell was asked to assemble a band for the jam sessions. In June 2008 we played a very successful concert with legendary trumpet player Kenny Wheeler at Trondheim Jazz Festival. We´ve done several projects with guests like Per Oddvar Johansen, Tore Brunborg, Jasper Van Hulten and Peedu Kass.

Hayden Powell – trumpet

Jo F. Skaansar – bass

Eyolf Dale – piano

åselill sæthre

aaselill_300This band started out with years of collaboration between Dale and Sæthre, and in 2011 it developed to an exciting “bassless” quartet with focus on Sæthre´s words and tunes. The lyrics are in Norwegian, and is about the magical small moments in life..

The band also works with a christmas repertoire, with a whole new set of christmas songs. The writing in the band is split between Dale and Sæthre, with the main focus on Sæthre´s own original melodies and words.

Åselill Sæthre – vocals

Eyolf Dale – piano

kristoffer kompen

kompen_300This band is trombone player Kristoffer Kompen´s main project. He´s writing all the music for the band, with inspiration from both traditional jazz from the 30´s and “northern jazz” of today. The band has played several concerts both at clubs and festivals in Norway, and released an album – “Short stories of happiness”. The quintet features the rare combination of trombone and baritone saxophone, which gives a nice edge to the music!

Kristoffer Kompen – trombone

Eirik Hegdal / Atle Nymo – baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone

Eyolf Dale – piano

Jo Skaansar – bass

Andreas Bye – drums


Elvira Nikolaisen – vocals

Mathias Eick – trumpet

Eyolf Dale – piano

Ole Morten Vågan – bass


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