Besides my work as a musician, I also have my own mobile studio, with the main purpose of recording my own projects. But as the studio has expanded alongside with my knowledge of the field, I´ve been doing more and more recording sessions and album mixes for others. Both from live concerts and on various locations.

recent clients

DaMaNa – upcoming album (tba) rec/mix

SNIK – “Metasediment Rock” (Clean Feed) rec/mix/mastering

Albatrosh – mixing of “Night Owl” w/ André Roligheten mix

Eyolf Dale – “Hometown Interludes” (Curling Legs) rec/mix/mastering

Kristoffer Kompen –  “A Tribute to Jack Teagarden” (Herman records) mastering

Kristoffer Kompen –  “Agdergata 1” (Kompis Record) rec/mix/mastering

Dag-Filip Roaldsnes – “Først”  (album mix – NORCD) mix

Misha Alperin  – upcoming solo album rec/mix

Åselill Sæthre – “Krumkakesanger” (Bragvin) rec/mix/mastering

Scent of Soil – percussion recording (Grappa) rec

Union Rythm Kings – concert recording rec/mix

Rob Waring & Misha Alperin duo – recording session rec/mix

Jono El Grande – recorded and mixed his album Neo Dada rec/mix

Albatrosh – “Yonkers” (Rune Grammofon) mix

Eyolf Dale – “Hotel Interludes” (Curling Legs) rec/mix

Hayden Powell trio –  “The Attic” (Inner Ear) rec/mix

Kristoffer Kompen Quintet – “Short Stories of Happiness” mix

recording equipment

MacBook Pro running Logic Pro,  60 I/O in total.

RME Fireface UFX interface & converter

Audient ASP008 8ch class A mic preamps

Midas Venice – mixing console

Audio Developments – mixing console

Ridge Farms Gas Cooker 2 ch. valve mic-preamp

Mackie Control Universal

Genelec 8050A main monitors

Fostex 6310B near-field monitors

Mackie Big Knob monitoring controller


Schoeps CMC6 MK4 (matched pair)

DPA 4011 (matched pair)

Violet Black finger (matched pair)

Audio Technica AT 4050 (2x)

AKG C1000S (2x)

AKG C535 EB (pair)

AKG Solidtube

Beyerdynamic M201 TG (3x)

Beyerdynamic M58

Beyerdynamic TG X 80

Sennheiser MD 421

Studio Projects C3

Shure SM-57

Shure SM-58

Shure SM-86

Carvin condenser


Yamaha C7 grand piano

Sperrhake Passau spinet

Fender Rhodes MK1  1971 mod.

Schimmel upright piano

Wurlitzer 200 A

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

Roland JX-8P

Waldorf Q

Korg 707

Royal Star trommesett (vintage 60’s)

Roland Jazz Chorus amplifier

Various.percussion instruments

A big library of samples


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